10 Reasons Why you Should Eat An Entire Avocado Every Day

Do you like guacamole? If yes, you should know that avocados are actually superfoods. These are like a small, creamy packages rich in nutrients. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but wait until you finish reading this article.

The power of avocados

  1. Weight loss

Avocados give your food texture, and promote weight loss. According to a recent study, you can increase your satiety by adding half an avocado to your meal. It keeps you full for up to 5 hours after your last meal. This will curb your cravings, and you won’t drown in that chips. That’s exactly what you need when trying to lose weight.

  1. Blood pressure

Potassium in avocados regulates blood pressure and flushes excess sodium out of the body. This relieves the tension in your blood vessels, and lowers blood pressure.

  1. Eye health

Lutein and zeaxanthin are important for your vision. Avocados are the only gift of nature that’s high in both carotenoids. Eat avocado more often to prevent blindness and vision issues.

  1. Cholesterol

Avocados help you control your cholesterol. They are abundant in healthy fats. Scientists have found that avocados regulate bad (LDL) cholesterol.

  1. Diabetes

Diabetics are often recommended to eat avocados. Wonder why? Regular consumption of avocados controls their insulin and blood glucose level. Simple as that.

  1. Pregnancy

Avocados are beneficial for both the mom and her baby. A single serving of avocado will give you tons of vitamin B6, folate, vitamin C, and potassium. You will get all the vitamins at once, and your baby will be healthy, too. Should we mention that avocados aid in treating/preventing morning sickness?

  1. Bones

Avocados are abundant in vitamin K. You may think that you need calcium and vitamin D for your bones, but you should definitely know that vitamin K is of essential importance for your body. It improves the absorption of calcium.

  1. Essential nutrients

Getting a lot of vitamins and minerals in a single meal is quite a challenge. When was the last time you had an avocado? Add this green delicacy to your meals, and you will get the right amount of over 20 vitamins and minerals. A single serving of avocados gives you 25% of your RDA of vitamin C, 38% of your needs for vitamin K, 30% of your needs for folate, and 21% of your RDA of potassium.

  1. Absorption of nutrients

Eating the right stuff means nothing if your body can’t absorb the goodness it offers. Avocados, on the other hand, help your body to absorb essential nutrients. Regardless of whether you eat it in your salad or salsa, avocados help you absorb lutein, lycopene, beta-carotene and alpha-carotene.

  1. Healthy fats

You may give your best to stay away from fat, but your body actually needs those healthy fats. Avocados are abundant in healthy fats, and you need these to reduce your risk of stroke, heart attack, and high (LDL) cholesterol levels.

The best thing about avocados is the fact that you can combine them with everything. Add a few slices on your toast or just enrich your post-workout smoothie. Avocados also work great when added to crispy salads and grilled chicken.

Source:  Healthy Holistic Living


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