A Spoonful Of Sugar On Your Lawn Could Save Bees

Stop running away from bees. Yes, you read that right. The tiny “bugs” need your attention and some sugar. We know that bees terrify you, but they need all the care in this world, as they play an important role in the cycle of life.

Bees are important for our crop product. If it weren’t to these tiny heroes, the crops would’ve declined drastically. Bees contribute to a third of the overall crop production.

Can you imagine that? As you may have noticed, the small insects mean a lot more than you think. And don’t even think of smashing one!

Unfortunately, the bee population is declining at a rapid pace, and that’s bad at so many levels.

Save the bees!

Keeping the bees healthy is important. We need them happy and thriving. These guys should never be hungry, and poor nutrition affects their immunity, making them prone to diseases.

Beekeepers give bees sugar to keep them survive and live longer. Sugar alone can’t help the bees, but it will definitely give them the fresh kick for their routine. Bees need enough strength to collect nectar and pollen.

Become a bee ally, and leave a spoon of sugar water on your lawn. That’s right! Dissolve some sugar, and leave the water somewhere in your yard, garden or porch. It may seem silly, but don’t worry, bees will find the treat.

Offer sugary water to any bee you see. It may be tired and sluggish. Help it find its way back home. It won’t cost you a thing. There’s no better way of becoming a silent hero.

Bonus bee-saving techniques

  1. Organic food

Purchase organic, locally grown foods to support farmers who avoid pesticides and aim for a healthy eco system.

  1. Pesticides

Avoid these at any cost. Pesticides harm bees. And you can definitely use tons of other alternatives to protect your products.

  1. Flowers

Plant flowers in your garden. Pick different colors, shapes and scents. Make sure your flowers bloom at different times so your garden can offer nice colors every time. Look for providers that donate stuff to bee preservations.

  1. Spread the good word!

Tell your kids that bees are not like the dangerous insects. Tell everyone about this trick, and share this with your online friends.

Final words

Bees are in trouble, and they need our help. There’s nothing wrong in helping these guys, and we strongly suggest that you give them a hand.

Source: Healthy Holistic Living


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