Cabbage: One Of The Most Effective Foods Often Used To Heal Stomach Ulcer, Detoxify Liver And Stop Inflammation

Cabbage is abundant in fiber and low in calories. It brings health to an upper level, and provides numerous health benefits. Cabbage has been used since forever, and even ancient civilizations knew a lot about its health benefits. According to a recent research, cabbage is actually a superfood, and you better add it to your daily menu.

This veggie is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods you will ever have. It’s great for your bones and colon. Raw cabbage can be used as a natural remedy for peptic ulcer and digestive disorders, as confirmed by several studies. You didn’t see this coming, right?

Health benefits

Organic cabbage offers numerous health benefits, and we give you the top five:

  1. Detox food for stomach and colon

Raw cabbage juice detoxifies the stomach and the colon. It treats diarrhea, and reduces intestinal inflammation. Two glasses of fresh cabbage juice will help you relieve your condition. Take them throughout the day. The benefits of this juice are confirmed by health researches, and it’s the most powerful remedy for peptic ulcer. Always use green cabbage.

  1. Blood formation

Cabbage juice is always recommended to those dealing with anemia. Take about 1-2 glasses of raw cabbage juice every day. Chlorophyll in cabbage is important for the formation of blood, and it’s ‘a must’ for you, especially if you need to improve your blood count.

  1. Healing of wounds

Cabbage works on the outside, too. It’s often used as an anti-inflammatory remedy for swollen cuticles, glands, engorged breasts, etc. Nursing moms use cabbage leaves on their breasts when they stop nursing their babies.

Cabbage leaves also help in healing of sores, wounds and blisters. Roll a clean cabbage leaf with a rolling pin or a glass bottle. Heat it up in boiling water for a second or until it’s warmed through. Apply the warm leaf on your wound, and let it work for a couple of hours. Repeat with a new leaf. Do this until your condition improves.

  1. Peptic ulcer

The juice in the image has multiple benefits, and it’s a good option for those diagnosed with peptic ulcer. Use the right recipe, and enjoy all the benefits.

  1. Liver detox

Cabbage is your liver’s best friend. Cabbage juice is an excellent cure for hangover, and it’s anti-inflammatory property helps your body in a good way. It hydrates the body, and relieves headaches caused by liver intoxication.

  1. Weight loss

Cabbage has detoxifying and diuretic effect on your body. It boosts metabolism, and promotes healthy weight loss.

How to consume it?

The best way to use the maximum of your cabbage is to juice it. You can also try steam-cooking it or just have it raw in your favorite salad.

What’s your favorite type of cabbage? Is it red? Or maybe you prefer it green or Savoy? Each of them works great for your body.

Savoy cabbage prevents the development of abnormal cancer cells. It contains sinigrin, a type of glucosinolate that attracts the attention of cancer researchers. It’s said to prevent cancer of the bladder, colon and prostate.

Cabbage is a super food, and we strongly recommend that you add it to your daily menu.

Source: Juicing For Health


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