Stop Throwing Away Those Plastic Utensils. Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Plant Them Instead

Eating your food with plastic utensils is a good idea, especially if you hate the washing part. Where do these end after you finish your meal? In the trashcan? Wrong move.

Plastic utensils can be used as decoration. You never thought that a simple plastic fork can be turned into a nice decoration, right? They also work great as decorative fence.

There are so many ways to use plastic utensils, and your kids will have fun helping you do the job.

Some people can’t find the connection between plastic utensils and gardening. It’s time to put your creativity ‘on,’ and re-use plastic forks and spoons. You will never ever discard them.

  1. Keep pests away

Plastic utensils will protect your garden from both pets and pests.

The author of Danger Garden said it would be great to buy clear plastic that’s less visible than white. It sure helps.

This trick works, and every piece of the set works, including forks, knives, spoons. No kitty will ever go across a plastic knife.

Try this, and remove the plastic after your plants come out. Keep in mind that clear plastic is a better option, and your garden will look pretty.

  1. Label garden plants

Believe it or not, plastic forks are the cheapest labeling items you can get.

At nurseries, there are garden labels sold for $4.50 a pack. You get about 20 in a pack, and for $25 you can cover 100 squares in your garden, as this blogger explains.

  1. Improve your labeling game

Plastic utensils don’t have to be boring. Use them as decorative labeling items. Simple as that.

  1. Make a decorative fence

Just line up used plastic utensils, and squirrels will never ever enter your garden.

  1. Make your garden pretty

Plastic utensils can do wonders for your garden. Check up the Internet for nice videos, and learn how to make plastic flowers and other stuff.

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