Don’t Use Ginger If You Have Any of These Conditions!

Ginger is one of the healthiest things you will ever use, and can help you treat different health issues. The spicy root is more powerful than commercial medication, and gives nice taste to dishes.

Ginger aids in the treatment of digestive disorders, as it contains enzymes that enhance digestion. It’s also known for its cleansing properties. For many experts, ginger is one of the best natural detox agent.

But, you’re actually not allowed to use ginger in some instances. Some people should stay away from ginger. The root contains several potent bioactive compounds and nutrients, but it’s not fit for consumption if you belong to the following groups:

  1. Underweight

Ginger is abundant in fiber, and also increases pH values in the stomach. It also stimulates the production of digestive enzymes, which accelerates the fat burning process. Ginger can ‘kill’ your appetite, and trigger an even stronger weight loss process. You may lose muscle mass, hair, and experience menstrual irregularities.

  1. Blood disorder

Ginger is nutritious and stimulates blood circulation which makes it great for obese, and those dealing with diabetes, peripheral artery disease or Raynaud’s disease. However, it’s not recommended to those dealing with hemophilia. It’s a condition in which the body cannot clot properly. Ginger may worsen your problem, and neutralize the medication you take for your condition. Be careful!

  1. Pregnancy

Stimulants in ginger enhance digestion and boost muscle health. But, pregnant women aren’t allowed to use ginger because it may cause premature contraction and labor. Avoid using it in the last trimester of the pregnancy. Use small amounts to relieve morning sickness.

Ginger can also inhibit the absorption of dietary iron and fat-soluble vitamins.

  1. Specific medication

Avoid using ginger if you take diabetes or hypertension medication. When combined with insulin, beta-blockers and anticoagulants, ginger alters their effect due to its ability to stimulate blood thinning and lower blood pressure.

If you belong to these risk groups, opt for a healthy ginger replacement. You can use sweet peppers, red paprika or cayenne pepper. According to world renowned nutritionist Milka Raicevic, peppers have a similar effect to ginger.

Try adding these to your lemonade, and enjoy your brilliant detox drink. Don’t forget to share your experience.

Source: Healthy Food House


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