50 Easy Ways to Flush A Bloated Stomach

Being bloated is one of the most unpleasant conditions ever. It’s like your stomach is going to explode. It’s also unattractive. Bloating is a common issue these days, and may occur as a result of different causes.

Your belly is often bloated as a result of poor metabolism. You can solve this within a day, and all you need is a cup of herbal juice. You can also try ginger tea and see how it works for your body.

But, don’t fall in despair, as we have the right solution for you. Introduce healthy changes to your daily routines and fix your menu.

Grace Shockey compared bloated belly to a glass full of water that overflows once you put something else in it.

Here are some nice suggestions on how to solve your problem:

  1. Almonds

Eat unsalted almonds in the afternoon to enhance your digestion and enjoy an instant energy boost.

  1. Asparagus

It’s rich in fiber, and aids in regulating the good bacteria in your intestines.

  1. Avocado

Monounsaturated fats keeps you full for longer without all the bloating and gases.

  1. Bananas

Fiber and potassium are great for you. Eat bananas after your meals, and add some to your morning cereals and pancakes. They also work great when added to healthy smoothies.

  1. Broccoli

Half a cup of broccoli will reduce your bloating. Steam-cook or blanch your broccoli, because the raw veggie will give you gases.

  1. Brown rice

The body digest it easier than the white one.

  1. Caffeine

Coffee stimulates the muscles of your colon. Drink a cup of coffee after your breakfast will help you relieve your stomach problem.

  1. Cucumbers

They are crunchy, healthy and can flush excess water out of your body.

  1. Fruits with high percent of water

Eat more watermelons, honeydews, and cantaloupes to eliminate the sodium out of your body. Sodium makes you bloated, and these fruits will stimulate your blood flow and boost your energy.

  1. Skin on

Eat your apples, pears and every other fruit with its skin. The skin contains fiber, and that’s exactly what you need to fix any digestive issue.

  1. Ginger

It’s a common “remedy” in Eastern medicine, and it’s used for almost everything. Ginger is one of the most common remedies for digestive issues. Add fresh ginger to your healthy salads, smoothies, juices and even stir-fries.

  1. Lemon water

Lemon is an excellent diuretic and also a remedy for your water retention.

  1. Lettuce

It’s a leafy green veggie that comes packed with tons of nutrients. Fiber in lettuce keeps you full and relieves the bloating.

  1. Oatmeal

It’s one of the greatest ideas for your breakfast. Need a fibrous meal? Eat oatmeal. Just make sure that you don’t use the sugar-packed product.

  1. Papaya

It’s an exotic fruit full of enzymes that stimulate the digestive tract and relieves the heaviness in your belly area.

  1. Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea relaxes your stomach, providing an instant relief. No more bloating, gas and cramps.

  1. Potassium-packed foods

Eat more spinach, mango, and tomatoes. These contain large amounts of potassium. Use these to relieve your bloating and eliminate the sodium from your body.

  1. Probiotics

Need some good bacteria? Enrich your menu with yoghurt, kimchi, miso, kefir, sauerkraut, and pickles. You need the good bacteria to keep your gut working well and relieve bloating.

  1. Quinoa

It relieves menstrual cramps and bloating due to its magnesium and potassium content.

  1. Salmon

This fish is packed with omega-3 fats, and reduces inflammation in the stomach.

  1. Water

Of course. Hydrating your body is important, and prevents constipation. Bloating occurs as a result of constipation, and try drinking a glass of water half an hour before your meals. Water also promotes a healthy weight loss process, as confirmed in a study published in the journal Obesity.

  1. Say ‘no’ to alcohol

A glass of fine is great for you, but keep in mind that booze dehydrates your body and makes you puffy and bloated.

  1. Gums are also a ‘no’

Chewing gums brings more air in your digestive system, and making your stomach “grow.”

  1. Avoid processed meats

These contain too much salt, and affect digestion.

  1. Don’t eat protein bars

Yes, you’re told that these are healthy, but protein bars contain soy protein by-products, and these cause bloating.

  1. Avoid Seltzers

These are not as dangerous as your favorite soda, but their bubbles cause bloating.

  1. Avoid starches

Roasted potatoes, pasta and other starchy foods lead to water retention and make you bloated.

  1. Avoid “sugar-free” products

Sugar-free may seem healthy to you, but these products contain maltitol, sorbitol and xylitol. Each of these causes digestive issues.

  1. Don’t use straws

Straws make you ‘swallow’ more air, and it gets trapped in your gastrointestinal tract.

  1. Limit your intake of salt

Sodium is a number one cause of bloating. Salty foods cause water retention, and you end up dealing with swollen ankles, feet and stomach, as confirmed by experts at Heart Failure Matters Org.

  1. Limit the use of sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners affect digestion, leading to diarrhea and gas.

  1. Limit your consumption of bread

Do you know that your bread contains too much sodium? You’re welcome.

  1. Limit your dairy intake

Milk and cheese cause bloating, especially if your body is unable to break down lactose properly. About 75% of the world’s population deals with lactose intolerance.

  1. Don’t eat frozen meals

These may be convenient, but contain sodium, and that’s the last thing your stomach needs. Let’s not forget the rest of the problems frozen meals cause.

  1. Gassy veggies and beans exist

Cabbage, Brussels sprout, and beans cause constipation. Don’t eat too much of these if you are bloated.

  1. Avoid heavy sauces

Sauces are tasty, but they are rich in salt. Spices are a better alternative if you are looking for a way to make your food taste good.

  1. Avoid gluten-free products

Gluten-free products are made popular, but don’t forget that these foods are processed and don’t contain much fiber. The body can’t break down these easily.

  1. Avoid fried food

Fried food affects digestion, and gives you a nasty bloating.

  1. Belly stretches help

Do these in the morning. Lie on your back, and pull your knees toward your chest. This will soothe your stomach, and prevent bloating.

  1. Regulate your intake of antibiotics

Antibiotics change the pattern in your intestine, causing a discomfort. Consult your doctor and use alternatives if the antibiotics you use give you gas and bloating.

  1. Eat your dinner early

This will give your body enough time to digest food and you will sleep better at night. No more bloating in the morning!

  1. Add more calcium to your diet

Use calcium supplements and calcium-rich foods at the peak of your menstrual cycle to prevent bloating.

  1. Use low-sodium recipes

Low-sodium food is great, and try to stick to these recipes.

  1. Meditate

Mindful exercises keep you calm, and relax your nerves and muscles. Meditation also relieves stomach problems, as confirmed in a study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal.

  1. Do morning exercises

Stick to a 20-minute physical routine in the morning to ease your digestion, and help your gastrointestinal tract work properly.

  1. Do yoga

Yoga relieves bloating and eases the fat-burning process.

  1. Smaller portions work better

Split your food in smaller portions, and make sure you chew it slowly. This gives your brain enough time to process food, giving you signals that you’re full. This habit will also help you prevent overeating.

  1. Snack smart

Have a cup of yoghurt and fruits between your meals to avoid binge eating and maintain your ideal weight. It also relieves bloating.

  1. Transfer canned goods

Transfer your canned fruits and veggies into a different container, and make sure you run the product under cold water for a few minutes before eating it. This will wash off the excess sodium.

  1. Do tummy massages

Massage your abdomen to stimulate the bowel movement, and relieve gases and bloating.

Final words

Bloating isn’t dangerous, but affects your self-confidence and physical appearance. Relieve your bloating to get rid of the discomfort. Stick to positive thinking, be more active, do abs exercises to firm up your muscles and love yourself.

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