How to Control Blood Sugar Naturally (Without Medicine)

Science has recognized two types of diabetes – Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2.

Diabetes Type 1 is developed as a result of immunity issues. Experts are convinced that there’s no cure for diabetes, adding that it can’t be prevented. Scientific evidence shows that most diabetics have a close relative diagnosed with the same condition. So, yes, it’s hereditary. Genes are important and dangerous.

Diabetes Type 2 is a lot different. It’s development is caused by obesity and unhealthy diet regimen. The good news is the fact that you can regulate your blood sugar naturally and reverse it.

Most people do a huge mistake when treating diabetes type 2. Doctors usually give them prescription drugs that are supposed to make them feel better. Truth is, these drugs come packed with severe side effects.

This medication damages kidneys and liver, causes incontinence, and makes the condition even worse. Most sufferers have already switched their therapies in order to control their blood sugar naturally. It’s possible!

Hintonia Latiflora

It’s a tree that thrives in dry, hot climates, like the one in Mexico. In spring, the tree has white, billowing flowers on its branches that resemble trumpets. The magic is in its bark. A group of German researchers have done a thorough research based on the effect of the bark on individuals diagnosed with diabetes type 2.

The extract from the bark had the power to regulate blood sugar, same as prescription drugs. And that’s not all. The bark extract also lowers blood cholesterol, reduces the risk of cataracts, and clears constricted blood vessels common in diabetics. No side effects, of course.


Cinnamon is as efficient as the insulin in your body when it comes to opening cells and helping sugar get inside them. Unlike other remedies, cinnamon is available. All you have to do is go to the nearest grocery store and buy some high-quality ground cinnamon.

Add it to your oatmeal or yoghurt, and enjoy its benefits. Cinnamon is also sold in capsules that will cost you a few dollars. You can find these at your local healthy food store.

Weight loss

Losing weight is important. As mentioned before, diabetes type 2 is caused by obesity (abdominal fat). The body is unable to use insulin and cells can’t use the sugar for energy. Yes, it’s converted into fat. According to studies, those extra pounds stress your body and trigger the development of type 2 diabetes.

Even a few pounds can make a huge damage. Doctors usually suggest that their patients lose weight and control their blood sugar naturally.


Diabetics have too much sugar in their bloodstream, meaning they aren’t allowed to eat sugar that could worsen the problem even more. Avoid white four, white rice, and refined sugar or just limit the intake of these products. This is the number one rule when it comes to regulating blood sugar. Eat more whole-grain foods, lean meat, and fresh fruits and veggies. Your body will thank you.


Walking is important and it can make a difference, same as any other low-intensity workout. Being active helps your body to use the excess sugar instead of storing it as fat. Exercises help you burn fat caused by high blood sugar. For optimal results, walk at least 30 minutes a day, right after your meal.

Controlling your blood sugar is not as hard as you think. Change your lifestyle/eating habits, and focus on healthy diet regimen. Be more active and trust nature. Consult your doctor before trying anything you. Some herbs may interfere with your medication.

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