20 Amazing Health Benefits of Lemon Water

Your morning routine has a huge impact on the way your day develops. You can’t munch on that juicy hamburger and hope to feel good throughout the day. Do you take care of your body and its needs?

Is your body hydrated? Water plays an important role in many processes, and it has an important role when it comes to eliminating toxins and rejuvenating cells. A single glass of warm lemon water can help you achieve this and much more.

Lemons provide numerous benefits, and lemon water is a good way to add these citruses to your diet. Lemon water is one of the greatest drinks you will ever half. If you don’t know the right amount of water you should drink, try to drink half of your weight in grams of water every day.

Have your lemon water right after you wake up. Add the juice of half a lemon to a glass of warm water. You need to use warm water as the body uses less energy to process it and wake up. Cold water shocks your system. You can drink it cold throughout the day or just stick to warm water.

Do you drink enough water? Water makes up a large percent of your total body weight. Lemon water is abundant in vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium and pectin. Lemons also provide a strong antibacterial effect and bring your health to an optimal level.

Some people even drink lemon water as a substitute for their regular coffee. So, if you’re trying to eliminate caffeine from your diet, drink lemon water to feel better throughout the process.

20 reasons to drink lemon water throughout the day

A single glass of lemon water can do the following:

  1. Reduces the risk of stroke, as confirmed by the American Heart Association
  2. Clears skin and prevents premature aging/Wipes out fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Acts as detox agent, and cleanses the body, including your liver
  4. Boosts mood and contributes to an “emotional balance”
  5. Reduces joint inflammation and relieves mild pain
  6. Can be used as a cure for hangovers
  7. Suppresses appetite and promotes healthy weight loss
  8. Relieves discomfort caused by constipation
  9. Eliminates bad breath
  10. Soothes the respiratory system
  11. Balances pH values in the body
  12. Treats urinary tract infections
  13. Prevents dehydration and adrenal fatigue
  14. Boosts metabolism
  15. Recharges brain
  16. Boosts immunity
  17. Reduces mucus buildup
  18. Cleanses internal organs, and optimizes their function
  19. Enhances the function of your digestive tract
  20. Helps you fight ailments and achieve top health goals

Let’s focus on the less known lemon facts

Lemon is one of the top seven natural sources of potassium. This mineral promotes thinking and optimizes blood pressure. When combined with sodium, it regulates the water balance in the body.

Lemon is an excellent insect repellent.

Combine equal amounts of lemon juice and warm lemon water. Gargle the solution instead of your regular antibacterial mouthwash.

A tablespoon of fresh lemon juice provides just 4 calories.

Christopher Columbus brought citruses to Haiti in 1493.

Lemon trees grow up to 20 feet.

In the Victorian period, lemon trees were a symbol of wealth and prestige.

Fully grown trees can give up to 600 pounds of lemon per year.

In the Renaissance, lemon juice was used to redden lips.

Cattle eats lemons rather than oranges, grapefruit, apples and peaches.

We’re going back to our roots, and many people opt for a healthier diet. Lemons are a nice addition to all diet regimens, and these citruses provide the easiest way to get more nutrients.

Warm lemon water can help everyone who is trying to be healthy, feel good, look younger, and live a better life.

Lemons hydrate the body and prevent diseases. Adding lemon water to your daily routine is one of the greatest things you can do for your body. Prevention is the best cure, remember that.

Always consult your doctor before you try anything new. Lemon water can’t be used as a cure for diseases, it just boosts your overall health.

Source: Power Of Positivity


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