What Happens to Your Body When You Start Eating Ginger Every Day

Ginger root is commonly used in cooking, and it’s the basic ingredient in Asian cuisine. Chinese have used ginger for thousands of years, and we got to use it in the last decade. Ginger gives food a specific flavor, and in some cultures it’s used as a natural remedy for numerous ailments. We give you some of the most brilliant benefits of ginger.

  1. Destroys abnormal cancer cells

A group of of experts at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center have found that ginger destroys ovarian cancer cells. It’s even more powerful when combined with platinum-based chemo drugs given to patients struggling with ovarian cancer. In this way, ginger works better and faster.

Science also confirms that ginger rhizomes reduce the risk of developing colon and intestine inflammation, meaning it lowers the risk of colon cancer.

  1. Reduces inflammation

Gingerols in ginger help you treat any condition related to cell inflammation. A recent research based on patients diagnosed with arthritis and muscle pain shows that ginger can relieve pain and swelling. It may be too spicy, but it’s definitely a great option for those dealing with health conditions caused by inflammation, such as Alzheimer’s disease, obesity and diabetes.

  1. Soothes acid reflux

A study released in the Molecular Research and Food Nutrition Journal found that compounds in ginger are six times stronger than acid blocker drugs. This type of medication harms stomach acid barrier, and increases the risk of stomach ulcers and even cancer.

  1. Prevents morning sickness

Pregnant women should always consult their doctor before taking any medication or natural remedy like ginger. Some women swear by its power to relieve morning nausea and vomiting. Health experts suggest taking 200 mg pills every four hours.

  1. Relieves cough and sore throat

This is the benefit that made people use ginger for this long. We all had ginger as kids, and it was our favorite winter drink. All you have to do is bring some water to a boil, and add in a few ginger slices. Add lemon juice and honey for added benefits. Your warm drink soothes sore throat and clears up nasal passages. Say ‘goodbye’ to your congestion.

  1. Enhances digestion and relieves flatulence

Ginger works great for any issue of the gastrointestinal tract. It’s good for your upset stomach. Boil a few ginger slices for a few minutes, and sweeten your warm drink with honey. If you’re dealing with flatulence, take 250-500 mg three times a day.

  1. Relieves headache

When combined together, ginger, cayenne pepper and peppermint do wonders for any migraine sufferer. Boil some water, and add in a pinch of cayenne pepper. Stir in a teaspoon of dried peppermint and a few ginger slices. Simmer for several minutes so the ingredients can release some of the good stuff.

Sweeten with honey or raw stevia. If you prefer going all-natural when it comes to relieving your headache, just combine half a teaspoon of powdered ginger and some water into a thick paste, and apply it on you forehead to relieve the pain.

  1. Relieves toothache

Ginger is an excellent painkiller, and can be used in relieving toothache. Rub a freshly sliced ginger onto your sore gums to provide an instant relief or make yourself a nice cup of ginger tea, let it cool at room temperature, and use it instead of your regular mouthwash.

  1. Stimulates blood circulation

Grate 50 grams of fresh ginger, and squeeze out the juice through a gauze. Stir it in 4-5 liters of hot water. Soak compresses in the spicy solution, and use them to dissolve accumulated toxins.

Other benefits

  1. Ginger can be used in post-operation therapies. Patients are recommended to chew a ginger slice in order to get rid of their nausea and vomiting.
  2. Chew a ginger slice before each meal to decrease appetite, and wake up your digestive juices.
  3. Combine ginger paste and turmeric to treat muscle strains. Rub the paste into the affected part of the body twice a day to provide instant relief. This treatment is common in athletes.
  4. A glass of warm ginger water in the morning is a ‘must’ for every diabetic. It regulates blood glucose, and has to be consumed before each meal.

Source: Natural Cures And Home Remedies


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