How to Make Cinnamon Milk For Weight Loss and Healthier Skin

Having a glass of milk before bedtime is the favorite ritual of many people. But, cinnamon will transform your regular glass of milk into a super tasty drink. Cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices you will ever lose. It promotes weight loss, and also clears up skin.

In this article we will focus more on the benefits provided by cinnamon milk, and we strongly recommend that you add it to your health regimen. This is one of the greatest ways to reap most of its benefits, and the recipe is super simple.

Health benefits

First, let’s go over some of the benefits provided by of the aromatic spice. Cinnamon is a popular spice obtained from the inner bark of trees. It has been used since forever, and even ancient Egyptians used it. the inner bark of the cinnamon tree dries, and the strips curl into rolls. The rolls can later be ground up into powder.

Cinnamon was once rare and highly appreciated. It was given as a gift for kings, but today it can be found in every grocery store. It’s pretty cheap, too. There are two types of cinnamon – Ceylon and Cassia. Ceylon is the “true” cinnamon, and Cassia is the more common variety.

The oils give cinnamon its smell and taste. The oil is rich in cinnamaldehyde, a compound that gives cinnamon its health benefits.


Cinnamon contains polyphenols, a type of strong antioxidants. A study found that cinnamon contains more antioxidants than 26 different spices. It outscores garlic and oregano. Antioxidants fight free radicals and prevent the damage caused by them.

Anti-inflammatory effect

Cinnamon milk is great because cinnamon reduces chronic inflammation. According to scientists, antioxidants in cinnamon help in reducing inflammation.

Blood sugar

People with type 2 diabetes can regulate their bad LDL cholesterol levels by taking half a teaspoon of cinnamon every day. The same dose can also lower total cholesterol and triglycerides while keeping the HDL cholesterol under control.

Another study confirmed that a dose 120mg cinnamon per day has the ability to lower blood markers while boosting “good” HDL cholesterol.

Insulin resistance

Insulin regulates metabolism and the use of energy. It takes part in the transport of blood sugar from the bloodstream to every cell so the body can use it as energy. Unfortunately, many people develop insulin resistance due to poor eating habits, inactivity and diabetes.

Insulin resistance leads to the development of diabetes and other diseases. Cinnamon can help in treating this resistance, and helps the body “fix” its metabolism.

Human studies have found that cinnamon works well in diabetics. It lowers fasting blood sugar by 10-29%.

Neurodegenerative disease

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease damage the brain’s structure, causing cognitive decline. Two compounds in cinnamon can prevent the buildup of tau, a type of protein in the brain that is considered a marker of Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientists conducted a study on mice with Parkinson’s disease. It found that cinnamon protects neurons, stabilizes neurotransmitter levels and improves the motor function.

Cinnamon provides numerous benefits, and that’s why this cinnamon milk is good for you. Let’s get to the recipe!

How to make your cinnamon milk?

All you have to do is stir a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon into a cup of warm milk. Sweeten with honey or other organic sweetener and add vanilla extract to boost its flavor.

Always buy organic, lightly processed cinnamon. Read the label, and avoid anything that contains added sugar because these products are bad for your health.

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