5 Body Parts You Need to Clean More Often

Personal hygiene is really important, but a simple shower will not do the trick. In other words, your regular soap cannot keep dangerous bacteria away from you.

Your morning shower is just a way to sort of clean your body and wake up easily. But, how much attention do you pay to the specific parts of your body? In this article we give you five body parts that you need to clean more often in order to eliminate harmful bacteria.

  1. Scalp

You may wash your hair regularly, but you definitely do not know that using less shampoo is much better for your health. Daily shampooing removes the natural oils in your scalp. A few decades ago, the New York Times advised women to wash their hair twice a week as opposed to once a month. Yes, these recommendations came from top specialists.

Most people use shampoo to clean their hair, and most of them forget to clean the scalp. If not properly scrubbed, the sweat glands in your scalp will form flakes and cause itchiness.

Spend at least two minutes massaging your scalp to remove any dead skin cells. This will also stimulate the flow of blood in your scalp, and your hair will get all the nutrients it needs. How often should you wash your hair? Shampoos are packed with chemicals that damage your hair, so depending on your hair type, determine the frequency of washing. If your hair is oily, wash it every other day.

  1. Belly button

We all forget about this one when showering. Bacteria love this part of your body as it is dark and moist. Have you ever noticed that your belly button smells bad? It is because of all the sweat and dirt that accumulate down there. The smell may also be caused by bacterial or fungal infections. It may also be caused by an untreated wound or bruise.

How to clean your belly button? Massage it with a soft washcloth and disinfect the area with salt. No creams, no skin products. The residues can cause a severe problem.

  1. Behind the ears

There are many sebaceous glands in the skin folds behind your ears. These collect sweat and secrete sebum which is why you need to scrub this area thoroughly. This spot can smell like cheese, and it is often a symptom of bacteria. This is just your skin renewing yourself, but the smell is terrible, and other people can feel it too.

Some people even have blackheads in this area which is a result of improper cleaning and shampoo residues. Soak a cotton pad in white vinegar and clean the area behind your ears. Remove your earrings and clean them, too.

  1. Tongue

Your tongue collects everything from bacteria to food. It can easily absorb the bacteria from the food you eat and even give you a stinky breath. According to a recent study, about 50% of all halitosis cases are caused by residues and bacteria.

What can you do? Just brush your tongue with your toothbrush from the back to the front. Use tongue scrapper if you are dealing with a sensitive gag reflex.

You can also gargle your favorite mouthwash. Make sure it contains cetylpyridinium (CPC) because it reduces bacteria buildup by 34.5 percent more than other mouthwash products. This was confirmed by a clinical research.

  1. Feet

Scrubbing your feet is a must. Your feet need to be cleaned and washed as much as your face and teeth. They can easily be targeted by bacteria and fungi, and you may also end up dealing with calluses and skin irritations.

Clean and moisturize your feet regularly. Pay more attention to the skin between your toes, heel and ball. These get dirty and dry really fast, and may develop an infection.

Trim your nails every two weeks. Wear different shoes from time to time to air them out. your shoes collect too much sweat and dirt, too.

Final words

Use a few extra minutes to pamper your body and its often-overlooked parts. May this be your regular routine, and remember, being clean is not a sin.

Source: Power Of Positivity


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