Be Your Own Dentist! Here are Tricks to Remove Tartar Buildup at Home

Do you floss your teeth as often as you are supposed to? Irregular flossing is a top cause of plaque and tartar.

Tartar gives you unpleasant breath and a terrible color to your teeth. It is a common oral problem, and looks bad. If not treated properly, tartar can lead up into periodontitis.

In this article we give you two effective remedies to get rid of tartar buildups. They are safe and cheap!

Remedy 1

Brush your teeth with salt and rinse well. For optimal results, do this 2-3 times a week.

Remedy 3

Chew sesame seeds and spit them. Brush your teeth with your brush and the tiny seedsĀ  will scrub your teeth.

Source: Healthy Food House


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