20 Ways To Use Epsom Salt Around The House

Epsom salt is one of the best products you will ever use. It finds great application when used as both gardening and cleaning product. It is actually a combination of sulfate and magnesium.

We give you the top 20 uses of Epsom salt.

  1. Hair

Add Epsom salt to your shampoo to treat oily hair. Wash your hair as usual.

  1. Foot scrub

Epsom salt is a great remedy for cracked and dry feet. Combine it with essential oils, castile soap and olive oil. Scrub your feet twice a week.

  1. Frizz

Epsom salt and hair conditioner work great for your frizz. This will add extra volume to your hair. Use equal parts of these two to treat your hair. Heat the mixture, and apply it on your hair. Massage the combination in your hair, and let it work for 20 minutes. Rinse well.

  1. Face

Combine Epsom salt and liquid soap to scrub your face and remove any dead skin cells.

  1. Cracked lips

Exfoliate your lips by using Epsom salt and petroleum jelly. Massage your lips with this mixture.

  1. Headache relief

Take a warm bath with Epsom salt to relieve muscle tension and headaches. You will definitely enjoy the relief.

  1. Stomach ache

Relieve constipation and take enough magnesium by adding a teaspoon of Epsom salt to your glass of water.

  1. Hangover

Combine Epsom salt and water to get the alcohol out of your body. Drink plenty of water, remember that!

  1. Bruise

Add a couple of tablespoons of Epsom salt to some water, and apply this on your bruises.

  1. Sleep

Enjoy an Epsom salt bath for 20 minutes before bedtime.

  1. Muscle pain

Soak in Epsom salt bath after exercising to relieve sore muscles.

  1. Splinter

Apply Epsom salt on your splinter to pull out the splinter.

  1. Plant fertilizer

Add a tablespoon of Epsom salt to your tomato plant soil to help your plant grow stronger and faster.

  1. Houseplants

Add Epsom salt to your water, and water your favorite plants.

  1. Plant protection

Add Epsom salt to your plants to protect them from plants.

  1. Green grass

Epsom salt stops the yellowing of your grass thanks to its magnesium content. Add a couple of tablespoons to a gallon of water, and spray your grass.

  1. Roses

Add Epsom salt to the ground, and your roses will grow nicely.

  1. Slugs

Epsom salt protects plants from slugs on rainy days. Just sprinkle some Epsom salt on your patio.

  1. Washer

Add Epsom salt to your machine and run a cycle to clean it.

  1. Bathroom

Combine equal parts of Epsom salt and dish soap and scrub your tiles.

Source: Healthy Food House


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