7 Reasons For Eating This Herb Together With Its Fruits And Leaves

Moringa is the best plant you will ever use to boost your health and live longer. This plant gives you enough energy and soothes your back pain. It originates in South Asia, and also goes by the name ‘drumstick.’ Moringa has long been used for its healing properties. We give you 7 reasons to use it today:

Nutritional value

Moringa leaves and fruits are abundant in vitamins and minerals. A cup of pods will give you 157% of the RDI of vitamin C.

A cup of moringa provides:

  • 19% of Vitamin B6-
  • 9% of Vitamin A-
  • 2 g of protein
  • 12% of vitamin C
  • 11% of vitamin B2 riboflavin
  • 11% of iron
  • 8% of magnesium

You can use dry leaves, but the herb is more powerful when used fresh.

  1. Strong bones

Moringa strengthens bones. It is abundant in iron and calcium which helps in preventing bone loss and improves health in adolescents.

  1. Anti-cancer power

Antioxidants in moringa fight free radicals. It also prevents the development of abnormal cancer cells. Moringa is abundant in beta carotene, vitamin C, chlorogenic acid and quercetin. These are your best natural weapon against free radicals.

  1. Headache

Juice equal parts of moringa roots and jaggery and sip the liquid throughout the day.

  1. Eye problems

Use moringa to soothe conjunctivitis. All you have to do is grind the leaves, and apply the resulting paste on your eyes. You will get a remedy for corneal issues by adding honey to it. Moringa also reduces swelling around your eyes.

  1. Blood sugar

Moringa regulates abnormal blood sugar levels. Animal studies have shown that this herb is efficient in treating this problem. Studies involving 30 women had similar results. The participants were given 7g of powdered moringa leaves for three months. Their sugar level dropped by 13.5%.

  1. Blood

Moringa leaves and pods purify blood. Add them to your soup to treat skin problems and acne. Topical application of moringa juice helps in treating pimples and acne due to its antibiotic effect.

  1. Anti-aging effect

This herb is abundant in vitamin A which helps in slowing down the aging process. The plant also improves vision and boosts immunity.

The benefits of moringa are yet to be examined. But, one thing stands for sure: moringa is super healthy and powerful, and you better add it in your diet.

Source: Healthy Food House


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