How To Stop Sciatic Nerve Pain And Back Pain With Just a Tennis Ball

Statistics shows that too many people deal with back pain and sciatic nerve pain these days. Studies have found that eight out of 10 Americans deal with back pain which explains why so many people are addicted to painkillers.

First things first – you have to know where this pain comes from. That’s the essential part of every treatment.

Lower back pain is always triggered a few days before you notice the symptoms. Sometimes it is triggered weeks before the pain strikes. That’s why most people cannot detect the real cause. Lower back pain is caused by alcohol consumption, distractions while doing physical activities, fatigue, sexual intercourse, etc.

Chronic back pain is caused from improper body posture, obesity, inactivity, sports injuries, accidents, etc. It goes away on its own within a month, but there are some tricks you can use to speed up the recovery process.

Relax and avoid using ice directly on your aching body part. Chiropractic and acupuncture can be of great help, and you can also use ginger, curcumin and boswellia.

One of the best way to relieve the pain is stimulate the body to heal itself. Your brain remembers that it needs to heal itself if the pain is there for too longer.

Sciatic pain appears when your sciatic nerve is pinched in the lower back. It is unpleasant and serious. There are a few stretches to help you improve your condition and relieve the pain, such as the Seated hip stretch, Piriformis stretch, Pigeon pose, and the self-trigger point therapy using a tennis ball or foam roller.

The latest method is really popular these days, and people dealing with sciatica love its effectiveness.

Some of its benefits are reported in the Health Ambition:

“The Tennis Ball therapy is actually giving you the benefits from reflexology, acupressure and a massage. This therapy is able to soothe sore muscles, as well as relieve muscle tension. When it comes to treating the pain caused from sciatica, then the tennis ball is focusing on the piriformis muscle which is right next to the sciatic nerve.

Your own body weight on the little tennis ball, is actually allowing it do pinpoint directly on certain parts of the muscle. Once the ball starts to press on these painful spots, the muscle starts to release and relax. The process can sometimes be painful, but it is also gratifying. Just like getting your shoulder massaged, it hurts, but that pain is so good. The best part about this therapy is that, it doesn’t cost you anything, and you can preform it while you are at home.”

How to do it?

Complete Guidelines of Body Pain has the best instructions:

  1. Lay down, and place the tennis ball under the aching spot
  2. Relax and stay still. You can also move your body over the ball

The ball adds pressure to the piriformis muscle, and reduces the tension in your muscles.

Hold in this position for half a minute or a minute until your pain disappears. Place the ball on another spot and go again. You should spend 5-10 minutes doing this therapy.

Alternative methods to avoid sciatic pain

Add pressure to sore spots on the piriformis muscle, glutes, and lower back muscles.

Do yoga and try acupuncture.

Pilates reduces the risk of injuries, improves the body balance and soothes your pain.

Use compresses and anti-inflammatory oils to relieve your pain.

Try chiropractic care three times a week.

If you want to prevent pain and stay healthy, try to keep your body in the right posture. Do not sit in the same spot and position for over an hour.

Prevent back pain

Preventing back pain is not as challenging as treating it. We give you some useful tips:

  • Try grounding if you are trying to relieve pain and reduce inflammation
  • Do not sit for too long, and if you stand in one place, try to split your total body weight on both legs
  • Add more vitamins to your diet (vitamin K2 and D)
  • Exercise at least twice a week. Opt for foundation training exercises and yoga to strengthen your spine muscles and make them more flexible. This also helps in improving balance
  • Drink a lot of water
  • K-Laser therapy soothes pain and enhances the healing of tissues. It is also effective in the treatment of inflammation
  • Mind-body techniques work well, too
  • Sleep well and keep your body in the right position. Do a few stretches before you go to bed, and sleep on your side
  • Smoking decreases the flow of blood in your spine, so try avoiding cigarettes. Smoking also leads to degeneration of your spinal disks

Source: Healthy Food House


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