How To Grow 25 lbs of Sweet Potatoes – in a Bucket!

Sweet potatoes are healthier than regular potatoes which is why you should try to grow in a bucket. In this article we will give you detailed information on how to grow sweet potatoes in 20 gallon buckets. It is easier than you think!


Scientists have found that sweet potatoes are better than “normal” in several aspects. How much do you know about the paleo diet? Sweet potatoes are common food in paleo meals due to their nutritional value.

What is the difference between sweet and regular potatoes?

  • Sweet potatoes contain a similar amount of carbs, but also contain more fiber than regular potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes do not contain as many calories as regular potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes are more nutritious than regular potatoes, and contain higher amounts of vitamin A and C
  • Unlike sweet potatoes, regular potatoes contain saponins in potatoes that are referred as “anti-nutrients” and may harm health
  • Sweet potatoes are usually consumed by themselves, and regular potatoes taste better when combined with cheese, gravy, ketchup or other condiment

Sweet potatoes grow big and you can get a lot in a single bucket.

Grocery multiplication is the process in which you use regular grocery store produce as seed. There are many fruits and veggies you can grow in this way, but green onions are the best. All you have to do is stick the bottom inch in soil or a glass of water and you will get fresh shoots in a couple of weeks.

The right sweet potato

Chemically treated sweet potatoes do not grow shoots. Regular potatoes are treated with BudNip, a chemical that prevents sprouting. It does not affect their nutritional value, but you cannot use them to grow new potatoes.

Always use organic sweet potatoes to avoid contact with chemicals and hormone.

When growing sweet potatoes, you will need the slips or the growths in sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes love heat

Unlike carrots, regular potatoes and other tubers, sweet potatoes enjoy heat.


Do not store your sweet potatoes below 50°F (10°C) as they will rot and become mushy. Keep the potatoes at room temperature and do not use plastic bags! Potatoes need to breathe. Buy potatoes from stores that do not keep them in cold areas.

Warm temperature is also important for the harvest.

Grow sweet potatoes from slips


Get some nice sweet potato slips. Place a single seed potato in a 5-gallon bucket filled with moist soil, and make sure the tops are exposed. Before doing this, make sure your bucket has drainage holes at the bottom.

Pull out any shoots, and transfer them in 20-gallon containers. Plant 6 slips in each container.

When to grow sweet potatoes

You need about 100-day growing season for your sweet potatoes. If you decided to grow them in buckets, you can extend that period by starting the growing process indoors.

Plant sweet potatoes after the last frost, because they like warm soil. They will start off slowly, but will get wild in the summer.


Sweet potatoes like water, and you can harvest them after 4 months. Harvest the plants after the first frost or when the vines become black.

Keep the potatoes in warm and humid area for a couple of weeks (80°F or 27°C). In this way sweet potatoes can build a protective layer of suberin which enables them to stay fresh at room temperature for a year.

Bucket-grown sweet potatoes

Regular growing will give you about 25 pounds in each 20-gallon bucket.



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