This Is The Banana Experiment

Science can be an interesting thing, and a group of scientists found something brilliant.

Scientists put caged five monkeys, and placed a ladder in the middle of the cage. There were bananas on the top of the ladder.

So, every time a monkey climbed the ladder, the scientists splashed the rest of the monkeys with cold water. What happened next? Every time a monkey went up to get some bananas, his pals beat it up. This taught them a lesson, and no monkey went up for the bananas.

The next step involved replacing one of the monkeys with a new friend. The new monkey knew nothing about the trick, and its roommates beat it up at the same moment the monkey decided to climb the ladder. The monkey learned the lesson, but did not know anything about its background.

Scientists replaced another monkey, and the same thing happened again. But this time, the first monkey they replaced took part in the fight.

The same thing went on and on until the last, fifth monkey was replaced. The scientists were left with a new group of monkeys who had never been hit with cold shower, but jumped to beat every monkey that tried to climb the ladder.

If monkeys could speak, they would never be able to answer simple questions like: Why were they beating their friend? They would probably say it is normal in that environment. We can already relate to this one.

Share this with everyone you know. Give them a chance to ask themselves why they do that instead of picking a different way.

The Experiment

Source: The Farmacy


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