7 Things That Happen When You Do Planks Every Day

Plank is the most brilliant exercise that involves the entire body. You may be into tough training, but you really have to know that planks are as effective as your regular workout, without the extra effort of course. If you are looking for an exercise to engage your core and improve your balance and stamina, planks are the real deal for you.

Regular planking offers numerous advantage, and we have covered some of them.

How do to a proper plank?

Lie on your stomach and bring your total body weight on your elbows and toes. Keep your body in a straight line and such in your stomach while tightening the glutes. It may seem tough at the beginning, but everything will be fine after you master the technique of balancing your weight and power.

Benefits of planking

  1. Flexibility

Planks improve the flexibility in every inch of your body, especially the muscles around your collar bone, shoulders, and shoulder blades. Stretching your muscles is always a good idea, and you will also work the muscles in your toes and feet.

  1. Posture and stability

Planks strengthen your chest, back, shoulder, neck and stomach muscles. Trying to get your back straight? Do planks. The same applies to those trying to improve their stability. Side planks are great for that purpose.

  1. Coordination

Planking helps you teach your body to use the abdomen for proper coordination and stability. Do side planks to achieve that.

  1. Strong core

Planks reinforce the inner core muscles and the transverse abdominis which is also the base of sculpted abs.

  1. Spine and back injury

Do planks to strengthen your spine and relieve the pain in your back. In this way you will reinforce your muscles without applying additional pressure to the spine.

  1. Metabolism

Planks will help you melt more calories than other exercises. Do this right after you wake up in the morning to melt extra pounds and fat. It is a nice way to trigger your metabolism.

  1. Psychological state

Planks are also beneficial for your nerve system. Do a plank to stretch and soothe your muscles while relieving the tension. If you are dealing with depression and anxiety, planking may be the solution to your problem. It will boost your mood and make you happy. Simple as that.

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