Tomatoes Hate Cucumbers: Secrets of Companion Planting and Popular Planting Combinations

If you are into gardening, you probably know that tomatoes don’t grow well when planted near cucumbers. There are several tricks you can use to grow tomatoes properly and bring your garden in order.

Tomatoes grow well near carrots and basil. Basil also improves the flavor of tomatoes. When it comes to carrots, they prevent pests due to the natural attraction and repellent characteristics.

Have you ever heard on companion planting? It’s a common principle that helps you “fix” you garden. Growing plants that attract pests is not the best way to get healthy crop, right?

Two plants can disrupt the balance in the soil, depriving it from nutrients. The NPK ratio is out of order. Two different plans may compete for certain nutrients, and this battle can create perfect conditions for diseases.

The lack of calcium leads to blossom end rot, and your tomatoes, squashes and melons will not grow as they would if there is enough of this mineral in the soil.

Biodiversity is important, and you have to stick to proper polyculture practices to keep plants resilient to pests and diseases. Do not stick to neat rows of the same plant. Pests will not hesitate to come over.

Carrots, dill, parsley and parsnip attract beneficial insects such as praying mantises, ladybugs and spiders. These will protect your tomatoes from pests. That’s why you should plant carrots near tomatoes.

Consider planing flowers with veggies. Add marigolds and nasturtiums to keep your garden flooded with beneficial pollinators.

Nasturtiums are great for your garden. They are also edible, so you are not actually wasting food space. Nasturtiums are great in salads and have nutritious root – mashua. Mashua is a traditional crop in South America.

Avoid planting peppers and beans together. Potatoes and tomatoes are nightshades, but they shouldn’t be planted together. Plant these together, and you will end up with an army of pests. The same applies to peas and onions.

Salad greens grow well in spots with enough nitrogen, but they do hate broccoli.

Start changing things in your garden, and you will be surprised by the final result. There are some rules you should follow, and gardening will be super easy for you to do.

Source: The Farmacy


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