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Baking Soda Used in This Way Can Make You Beautiful and Years Younger

Have you ever used baking soda? If your answer is ‘no,’ now is the real time to go and buy a pack of it. Baking soda is a ‘must’ for every household. It has multiple uses and its list of benefits is endless.

Yes, we know that baking soda is something you only use when rising dough. Did you know that it can remove bad odors from carpets, clothes and other surfaces in your home? Let’s not forget its whitening power.

Here are more uses of baking soda

  1. Sweating

Need a natural deodorant? Add a few drops of essential oil to 4 tablespoons of baking soda, and scrub your armpits to destroy any odor-causing bacteria. Simple as that. This is your DIY natural deodorant.

  1. Body odors

Add a cup of baking soda to your hot bath, and soak in for half an hour. This cleansing bath will neutralize body odors and clean oily skin. It’s excellent against bacteria and acids. Do this once or twice a week to make your skin soft and smooth.

  1. Nails

Combine three parts of baking soda and one part of water into a bowl, and apply the resulting mixture on your nails. It will do miracles for your nails and cuticles. Don’t forget to rinse well.

  1. Fresh breath

Dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water, and gargle the solution to get rid of bacteria, eliminate bad breath and disinfect your oral cavity and throat. Do this daily.

  1. Healthy and clean hair

Store bought shampoos and conditioners are packed with toxic chemicals that irritate your scalp and damage hair. Use baking soda instead of your shampoo once a month to keep your scalp and hair healthy.

  1. White teeth

Don’t buy whitening toothpastes as these can damage your tooth enamel. Combine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, and use the mixture on your teeth once a week. Frequent use will damage your teeth.

Source: Healthy Food House

Stop Bleeding in 10 Seconds with This Common Spice!

Cuts are part of our everyday’s life, but sometimes we’re just unable to stop the bleeding. Young parents usually freak out after they see this tiny cut on their child’s knee or arm. We have the perfect solution to your reddish nightmare, and it won’t cost you a thing. It’s a bit spicy though.

Cayenne pepper is something you add to your savory dishes. But, did you know that it can stop your bleeding within 10 seconds? Experts swear on its efficacy on both minor and deep cuts. It works well on open wounds, too.

“Long hailed as a miracle-working substance, cayenne pepper can stop bleeding in less than one minute under most circumstances.

The reason it works is because cayenne pepper reacts with the body to equalize the blood pressure, meaning an extra gushing of pressure will not be concentrated in the wound area as it normally is. Blood will quickly clot when the pressure is equalized,” eHow explains.

Cayenne normalizes blood pressure, and stimulates the clotting process. Apply it topically or just swallow it. However, make sure you consult a professional before trying any of the methods, especially if your cut is serious.

“…take a teaspoonful of cayenne in a glass of extra-warm water, drink it down, and by the count of ten, the bleeding will stop. Instead of all the pressure being centralized, it is equalized, and the clotting becomes more rapid. Whether the bleeding is internal or external, a teaspoon of cayenne taken orally in a glass of hot water will stop the bleeding quickly,” Dr. John Christopher writes in his book School of Natural Healing.

It may be hard for you to believe, but oral application does miracles, too.

Cayenne soothes infections that develop in minor cuts due to its antibacterial effect. It destroys dangerous bacteria, and stops them from entering the body.

Watch the following video, and learn more about the power of cayenne.


In this video you can see its efficacy on deeper cuts. It’s hilarious!

Source: Healthy Food House

What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Sugar Water and How It Can Help You

Carbs enhance athletic performance and endurance. You can see all those energy drinks, bars and shakes at the gums and sports shops, right? But, have you ever considered drinking simple sugar water? In this article we’ll explain more on the effect of sugar on your body.

The US Department of Health and Human Services says people get their daily sugar from soft and fruit drinks. But, you’re knocking on the wrong door, as these products are the last thing you need.

What happens to your body when you consume sugar?

Sugar water gives your body an instant boost.

Of course, large amounts of sugar is bad for your health, and nutritionists suggest that you take about 10% of your daily calorie intake from sugar. But, sometimes your body needs an extra kick. What can you do about this?

Sugar water helps your body to absorb sugar. It flows into the bloodstream, and ends up in the cells. It’s later converted into energy.

Sucrose is the sugar molecule found in store-bought table sugar. Research shows it has faster absorption rate than other types of sugar.

Scientists confirm that simple components of sugar water are an optimal energy source when compared to store-bought sweet drinks.

Sugar water

All you have to do is dissolve a tablespoon of table sugar into a glass of water. But, the sugar you use at home is not the same sugar that’s added to sweetened drinks.

  • Sugar water is rich in sucrose, and sweet drinks contain glucose, fructose, corn starch syrup, etc.
  • Sucrose is a disaccharide made of 2 sugar molecules – fructose and glucose.

According to a UK study, your body uses sucrose in a more efficient way than other sugar molecules.

Sugar water is better than sweet drinks

Fruit juices, energy drinks, and vitamin water have the same base components as sugar water. Wait, that’s not true. There are so many differences between sugar water and sweetened drinks.

  • Store-bought sweet drinks contain caffeine, food flavorants, and even colorants
  • Sweet drinks, including energy drinks, are expensive, and sugar water costs almost nothing. Plus, it’s easy to make.
  • Glucose-combined energy and fruit drinks cause mild stomach discomfort. Sucrose-based sugar water is easy to digest.

Athletes drink sugar water

Sugar water is of essential importance for athletes

  • Carbs help in restoring energy after every workout, but there’s a huge difference in the rate at which energy is restored
  • Sports drinks offer a combination of glucose that causes discomfort, as it’s absorbed in the intestines
  • Athletes who drink sugar water have a faster and better recovery than those who avoid it

Replace your store-bought sugar drink with sugar water, especially if you’re running a marathon. It will make you feel better.

The best time to drink sugar water

Sometimes it’s nice to have a glass of sugar water. This applies to those who need to boost their carb intake.

  • Before, during and after your workout
  • During high-intensity interval training
  • Between meals
  • Whenever your body needs an instant energy boost without stuffing yourself with food

Recommended intake

Moderation is of key importance.

  • If you’re into endurance-based workouts, take 7 tablespoons of sugar per hour. Combine 1.5 tablespoons of sugar and a cup of water
  • If your workout is less intense, reduce the amount of sugar by half
  • If you don’t exercise at all, and just need a quick lift, take 2 teaspoons of sugar and a cup of water.

Try this, and tell us what you think.

Source: Bright Side

Image Source:  Bright Side

A Spoonful Of Sugar On Your Lawn Could Save Bees

Stop running away from bees. Yes, you read that right. The tiny “bugs” need your attention and some sugar. We know that bees terrify you, but they need all the care in this world, as they play an important role in the cycle of life.

Bees are important for our crop product. If it weren’t to these tiny heroes, the crops would’ve declined drastically. Bees contribute to a third of the overall crop production.

Can you imagine that? As you may have noticed, the small insects mean a lot more than you think. And don’t even think of smashing one!

Unfortunately, the bee population is declining at a rapid pace, and that’s bad at so many levels.

Save the bees!

Keeping the bees healthy is important. We need them happy and thriving. These guys should never be hungry, and poor nutrition affects their immunity, making them prone to diseases.

Beekeepers give bees sugar to keep them survive and live longer. Sugar alone can’t help the bees, but it will definitely give them the fresh kick for their routine. Bees need enough strength to collect nectar and pollen.

Become a bee ally, and leave a spoon of sugar water on your lawn. That’s right! Dissolve some sugar, and leave the water somewhere in your yard, garden or porch. It may seem silly, but don’t worry, bees will find the treat.

Offer sugary water to any bee you see. It may be tired and sluggish. Help it find its way back home. It won’t cost you a thing. There’s no better way of becoming a silent hero.

Bonus bee-saving techniques

  1. Organic food

Purchase organic, locally grown foods to support farmers who avoid pesticides and aim for a healthy eco system.

  1. Pesticides

Avoid these at any cost. Pesticides harm bees. And you can definitely use tons of other alternatives to protect your products.

  1. Flowers

Plant flowers in your garden. Pick different colors, shapes and scents. Make sure your flowers bloom at different times so your garden can offer nice colors every time. Look for providers that donate stuff to bee preservations.

  1. Spread the good word!

Tell your kids that bees are not like the dangerous insects. Tell everyone about this trick, and share this with your online friends.

Final words

Bees are in trouble, and they need our help. There’s nothing wrong in helping these guys, and we strongly suggest that you give them a hand.

Source: Healthy Holistic Living

10 Reasons Why you Should Eat An Entire Avocado Every Day

Do you like guacamole? If yes, you should know that avocados are actually superfoods. These are like a small, creamy packages rich in nutrients. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but wait until you finish reading this article.

The power of avocados

  1. Weight loss

Avocados give your food texture, and promote weight loss. According to a recent study, you can increase your satiety by adding half an avocado to your meal. It keeps you full for up to 5 hours after your last meal. This will curb your cravings, and you won’t drown in that chips. That’s exactly what you need when trying to lose weight.

  1. Blood pressure

Potassium in avocados regulates blood pressure and flushes excess sodium out of the body. This relieves the tension in your blood vessels, and lowers blood pressure.

  1. Eye health

Lutein and zeaxanthin are important for your vision. Avocados are the only gift of nature that’s high in both carotenoids. Eat avocado more often to prevent blindness and vision issues.

  1. Cholesterol

Avocados help you control your cholesterol. They are abundant in healthy fats. Scientists have found that avocados regulate bad (LDL) cholesterol.

  1. Diabetes

Diabetics are often recommended to eat avocados. Wonder why? Regular consumption of avocados controls their insulin and blood glucose level. Simple as that.

  1. Pregnancy

Avocados are beneficial for both the mom and her baby. A single serving of avocado will give you tons of vitamin B6, folate, vitamin C, and potassium. You will get all the vitamins at once, and your baby will be healthy, too. Should we mention that avocados aid in treating/preventing morning sickness?

  1. Bones

Avocados are abundant in vitamin K. You may think that you need calcium and vitamin D for your bones, but you should definitely know that vitamin K is of essential importance for your body. It improves the absorption of calcium.

  1. Essential nutrients

Getting a lot of vitamins and minerals in a single meal is quite a challenge. When was the last time you had an avocado? Add this green delicacy to your meals, and you will get the right amount of over 20 vitamins and minerals. A single serving of avocados gives you 25% of your RDA of vitamin C, 38% of your needs for vitamin K, 30% of your needs for folate, and 21% of your RDA of potassium.

  1. Absorption of nutrients

Eating the right stuff means nothing if your body can’t absorb the goodness it offers. Avocados, on the other hand, help your body to absorb essential nutrients. Regardless of whether you eat it in your salad or salsa, avocados help you absorb lutein, lycopene, beta-carotene and alpha-carotene.

  1. Healthy fats

You may give your best to stay away from fat, but your body actually needs those healthy fats. Avocados are abundant in healthy fats, and you need these to reduce your risk of stroke, heart attack, and high (LDL) cholesterol levels.

The best thing about avocados is the fact that you can combine them with everything. Add a few slices on your toast or just enrich your post-workout smoothie. Avocados also work great when added to crispy salads and grilled chicken.

Source:  Healthy Holistic Living